By no means is this page complete. I'll be adding more links over time. Don't ask me to add links to fansub torrent or manga scan sites, please. Use Google for that.


A great site for watching lots of anime free! There are ads, though, and sometimes the streaming isn't perfect, especially if you're on a flaky wi-fi connection. There's also a premium membership which accesses more shows and kills the ads.

Another great site for watching lots of anime free! There are ads, of course. Unlike Crunchyroll, this site is powered by Hulu, so the streaming is a lot cleaner and less error-prone. There's also a premium membership which accesses more shows, allows a greater range of viewing options and kills the ads.


Didn't get enough Pony here on my site? Not a problem! is one of the largest and finest archives for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction on the net! (Warning: there's a LOT of clop on It's all pretty clearly marked, though. If you don't know what clop probably don't want to.)

The greatest multicrossover fighting series of all timeā€”tragically left unfinished, as the final episode was never completed and has been in limbo for a solid decade. I have very fond memories of Ultra, and wrote MANY episodes. This is the forerunner to my own r.s.t. ULTIMA.

A site for collaborate fiction, some fanfic, some original anime-esque works. It's mostly defunct these days, but if you look through the Hall of Fame, you'll find some pretty good stuff. Please especially check out Final Fantasy Legacy, to which I contributed heavily.


A Korean multiplayer online golf game with a distinctive anime flair. Choose from nearly a dozen characters, and play on almost two dozen unique and challenging courses! Master special shots that defy physics! Customize your characters with outfits, accessories, hair dye, and more! You can play for free, but a lot of the content requires purchase.

The Internet's leading information site for all things Pokemon, including the Pokedex for EVERY generation of games, information on all attacks, abilities, and items, plus information on all the spinoff games, trading cards, anime and manga, and more!

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