18 Sickles (And A Knut)

This story was written between the releases of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Despite canon events, I was still a heavy supporter of Harry/Cho at the time, and felt like writing a short, romantic fluff piece pairing them.

The Alicorn Foal

I began writing this before Cadence was introduced. I had been thinking about pony genetics after the episode "Baby Cakes", and came up with the idea of their being an almost infinitesimal chance of a pegasus and a unicorn having an alicorn foal. The story just kind of sprang out of that basic idea and then, as so many of my zanier story ideas are wont to do, ran wild. I honestly have no idea where the hell this story is going, or how long it's going to run on. It's just one of those things.

Incidentally, in chapter 8, you'll find a one-off reference to a crossover idea I decided was too stupid and silly to work with, so I decided to use it as a random joke instead. In case you didn't get the joke, Rainbow Dash and the Cutie Mark Disasters are filming a pony parody of Hancock.

(Also, "plot" is brony slang for "ass".)

Azumanga Daioh: Reunion

Just a little speculation on where the Azu gang would be five years after graduation. Naturally, poor Kaorin got the short end of the stick.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Crystal

At some point in time, this was supposed to be my magnum opus.

I've been a huge fan of Sailormoon since 1995. It's the show that hooked me on anime in the first place. SMC was my attempt at continuing the story beyond the end of Stars, and bridging the gap between the Galaxia saga and the distant future which gave us such wonderful things as the Black Moon Family and Chibiuseless. Hotaru features heavily because she's my absolute favorite Senshi, and somehow I got it in my head that she and Shingo would make an adorable couple. Then I got it in my head to have the Crystal Palace unexpectedly appear about a thousand years earlier than it was supposed to, and then to have the Senshi faced with composites of all their old foes showing up all in a line...and things just escalated from there.

Over the years, this story was abandoned and picked back up a couple of times, with dates and details being changed left, right, and's mutated dramatically from its original form, back when I was a far less experienced writer. Even as I was putting it up on this site, I made some minor edits and changes. If I'm likely to pick back up on any one abandoned story on the site, this is probably the one I'd resume work on.

If I ever were to resume work on this, the remainder of book two would be devoted to the completion of the earliest iteration of Crystal Tokyo, a few more silly attacks by Excel, more of Goro's plans and preparations, and the book would end with the return of Seiya, who will be Serenity's lover for a few hundred years until Endymion is reborn.

At some point, possibly in Book Three or Book Four, Serenity would have a second child, this time with Seiya, and THAT child would ultimately become a major enemy of Crystal Tokyo.

I'm amazed I still even remember that after ten years.

Charmcaster ~ Friendship Is Z

One day I had the idea to write a Twilight/Trixie teamup fic against a seriously disturbed, sociopathic unicorn based on Charmcaster from Ben 10. Somewhere along the way, it mutated into something that more closely resembles an MLP:FiM version of a DBZ movie. Go figure, huh?

Chibification Nation

This was literally my very first Detective Conan fanfic.

The original version of it was...bad. Embarrassingly bad. Over the few years I was working on it before I put it on indefinite hiatus, I made a lot of changes to it—when I first started it, it had not been long since episode 400 aired. By the time I finally put it on hiatus, Hondou Eisuke had been introduced.

Originally, Koiwai Yotsuba was going to be one of the apotoxin victims, but I've decided to abandon that plot thread, because I just can't do that to Yotsuba-chan.

Chikan Senshi Sailormoon

This is a complete retool of a very old fic called Nibun no Senshi Sailormoon. There are numerous changes from the original version, the two most prominent being: in this version, Usagi is killed, not merely critically injured, and the original enemies I conceived of for the old version have been replaced with adapted versions of demons from Shin Megami Tensei, and extensive use of elements drawn from the Persona games.

The title is an incredibly bad pun: written with the kanji used in the logo, "Chikan" means "replacement", but the more commonly known and used meaning of the word "chikan" is "molester".

Even though the two primary series involved are twenty years old, I decided to bump the setting to the present day, for narrative purposes. Mostly because in this day and age, it's impossible to grasp the concept of Japanese teenagers not having cellphones.

As far as continuity goes: for Sailormoon, this is strictly anime-only and begins almost immediately after Sailormoon S, ignoring the events of SuperS and Stars. For Ranma, this is a continuity meld of the anime and manga, or more accurately, it's the manga continuity but with exceptions (such as the total absence of Konatsu even though events such as the aftermath of Jusendo will be referenced).

There's a Kamen Rider Kabuto reference hidden in the first chapter. See if you can spot it.

Code Lyocolt

The backstory here is actually pretty funny.

See, I was asked to contribute to a How-To article on writing crossovers for I decided to make my chunk of the article about determining whether or not a crossover you're about to attempt is workable. After the article was posted on the site, I got it in my head one Friday afternoon to write an example of a crossover no sane writer would ever attempt, because it's absurd and makes absolutely no sense and can't possibly go anywhere. I decided to cross MLP:FiM with Code Lyoko. I didn't think there was any real possibility such a ridiculous crossover idea could ever work.

I failed miserably. It wound up being one of the most popular things I've ever posted on the site.

Of course, by the next afternoon, I'd managed to work out some finer details and backstory elements, and what started off as a failed experiment in providing an example of What NOT To Do mutated into a legitimate crossover story. One I'm very pleased to have conceived.

Code Lyocolt is not "this is Code Lyoko, but with ponies". Code Lyocolt is set in the FiM universe, AND is a distant future continuation/sequel to Code Lyoko—which takes into consideration the upcoming Code Lyoko: Evolution sequel series. Very little is known about the plot of CL:E yet, except that XANA will be resurrected. With that in mind as a hook to work from, Code Lyocolt is set several decades after the original Code Lyoko; the Lyoko Warriors have been dealing with XANA on and off for years, finally got sick of fighting him, and shot the supercomputer into a wormhole. Clever readers will pick up details extruded from Code Lyoko; it definitely helps to have seen at least two seasons of Code Lyoko, if not all 97 episodes.

EXCLUSIVE SPOILER: The "other virtual world" that XANA absorbed, and mutated Lyocolt into in chapter 3? It's Pangya Island, from the Korean MMO fantasy golf game Pangya.

Code of Hero

Beast Wars Transformers is the single best fucking thing to happen to Transformers since Unicron.

"Code of Hero" is the single best fucking episode of Beast Wars Transformers.

Dinobot is the single best fucking Maximal, and I cried when he died.

I think you can see why I decided to write a novelization of this episode.

As an aside, when Transmetal 2 Dinobot was created a season later, my reaction was pretty much absolute horror. I cannot begin to describe the level of horror I felt when I saw that monstrosity. The only time I remember any show ever instilling that level of horror in me was the third season finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which in my mind is still the leading example of how to pull off an effective cliffhanger finale.

...yes, I'm a geek. This really shouldn't surprise you, if you're reading this.

Curtain Call

After I watched "Putting Your Hoof Down", I remembered Fluttershy's rant about the dress Rarity designed for her a season earlier, and I thought, you know, there's some truth to the ugly things Fluttershy said to Rarity and Pinkie...and this story evolved from that thought.

There was actually a lot more to the rough idea for this story—Rarity branching out into a whole household decor business, making tableclothes, upholstery, throw rugs, and all kinds of shit—but I decided the whole "Rarity makes curtains" thing pretty much did everything this story needed to do, and left it there.

And no, there is not likely to be a sequel where Fluttershy finds a use for Pinkie.

Dain Bramage

Credit for the original concept of this story goes to Libby Thomas.

Dark Corona

In 2001, an action RPG called Dark Cloud came out for the Playstation 2. It was literally the first PS2 title I bought, and I was immediately hooked.

Two years later, the sequel came out, and I was right there to buy the first copy at my local store.

I have played and replayed these two games several times, and have never tired of them. The Dark Cloud series is easily my favorite RPG franchise of all time.

So it's only natural that I would eventually decide to write Dark Cloud fanfiction.

However, as opposed to the common practice of "the further adventures of..." stories which most writers for this game series lapse into, I have endeavored to invent a completely new adventure, with new characters, and flesh out the world presented in the games. A secondary purpose of this story is to bridge the two games' storylines, and clean up some of the murkier, less coherent aspects of the respective plots.

This has been my secret pet project for some number of years now. I tinker with it off and on for a few weeks once or twice a year, then put it aside.

Due to the aforementioned inconsistencies of the two games' storylines, I have taken rather liberal narrative license with certain aspects of the plot. I have also placed a larger degree of emphasis on certain elements of the game(s) which, in the canon, are not nearly as significant, such as specific weapons seen in each game.

And although I normally cringe at the very thought of this, I have decided that, for the purposes of this story, I will shamelessly reference aspects of game mechanics in an in-universe style.

The Day The Sun Rose Late

This story was written for the December 2013 Writer's Group contest on, where it came in third place.

Dragonball: Other Roads ~ The Left Fork ~

Once upon a time, I had conceived a series of Dragonball AU stories where certain events in the series' history occurred at different times or unfolded differently, and the effects those events might have on the entire history of the Dragonball universe.

I had worked out ideas for two of these. I only made any significant progress on this one. The other one involved Vegeta coming to Earth as a small child, around the same time Gokuu fought the Red Ribbon Army.

Dragonball Theta

I'm a massive Dragonball fan. Actually, all things considered, it's a bit surprising I haven't written a shitload of DBZ fanfics.

DBT was my way of picking up where DBZ left off, ignoring GT and its nonsense entirely. favor of a completely different brand of nonsense, of course.

In true Toriyama fashion, I've lined up tons of expies and parodies to serve as the cannon fodder in the regional Budokai tournaments, so half the fun of reading the tournament arcs of DBT is ferreting out the references.

The main incongruity knowledgeable readers will notice is that this is set three years after Majin Buu, and yet Gokuu has already met and is already training Uubu. Short, simple answer: I ignored the manga's epilogue and fucked with the timeline.

I'm extremely likely to pick this one back up sooner or later...

Lastly: "Gokuu-sa" isn't a typo. Chichi is a hick, and this is how she talks.

Family Planning Center

A while back, it occurred to me that given the staggering imbalance of mares to stallions in Equestria, there are probably stallions whose special talent is impregnating mares, and they make their living as professional studs. That's where this little gem came from.

"Fertile Plot" is the as-yet-unnamed mother of fan character Button Mash, star of a series of fan-made webisodes on YouTube. Just search YT for Button Mash, you'll find him. And her. And things that will make you want brain bleach.

This story is now an open-sandbox called the "Planningverse", so other authors are encouraged to (with proper notification and interaction) play in this universe. If you wish to author a Planningverse story or chapter, please PM me on, which is at present the only venue through which I am conducting 'verse business.

Fire in the Water

Hoo boy. Where to begin...

This is actually the third incarnation of a basic story idea I had less than a year into my fanfic writing career. Those who remember me back when I was first writing will know what the first version of this was; I'm not getting into that nonsense. The second version, which ultimately evolved into this story, was called Onna: Red Side. There was also an Onna: Yellow Side, but I don't even remember what the hell that one was about anymore.

After a long hiatus, I decided to completely rewrite O:RS from the ground up, and relaunch it as this story, under the new title Fire in the Water. This is one of the few stories where I actually have a concrete Grand Plan; I usually just sort of let my stories run wild, with only a few vague major plot points in mind. FitW is pretty thoroughly mapped out, at least as far as the skeleton of the overall plot is concerned. A lot of the padding will be improvised on the fly, of course.

The MKR aspect of this story deviates from Rayearth's canon, obviously, in that Hikaru is "killed" by Zagato in Cephiro, and the remaining events of MKR1 play out completely differently because of her absence.

EXCLUSIVE SPOILER: If you're an attentive and knowledgeable reader, then by act three you probably figured out who the Marquis is, and exactly what the hell's going on in Cephiro. However, not everyone is attentive enough to have picked up on the clues, or has the necessary source knowledge to realize what's going on, so I'll spell it out here, even though the Big Reveal isn't due to happen until Act Six or Act Seven:

The Grand Marquis is Roy Mustang. The Divine Science is alchemy. FitW isn't an MKR/Ranma crossover, it's an MKR/Ranma/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover.

From One To Another, Another To One

I wrote this because I was dissatisfied with the backstory Cadance was given in the chapter book Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell. While thinking about something else entirely, I came up with a better backstory for Cadance, so I decided to write it.

Fuuka & Dating

I'm a fanatical Fuuka x Koiwai shipper. You probably figured this out from the fact that there are several Yotsuba&! fics on this site, and only one of them has nothing to do with Fuuka x Koiwai.

This is the third of what I think of as the "Trinity" of my Fuuka x Koiwai shipping fics (the other two being Fuuka & Playing House and Yotsuba & Mommy); this is the "middle road" story of the three. This story was inspired by the manga chapter "Yotsuba & the Electronics Store", where Fuuka asks Koiwai if she should trim her eyebrows, and he replies they're cute like they are, causing her to blush.

I started this story somewhere around chapter 75 or so of the manga coming out, which is why the second date is Halloween and why certain characters have never met—simply put, at the time I conceived and wrote the bulk of this, the manga had not yet confirmed whether or not specific characters knew each other. Chapters 80 and 81 pretty much wreck the hell out of this story, but watch me not give a shit.

Fuuka & Playing House

This is the second story in the Trinity.

The initial version of this story was much darker and more dramatic; it involved Fuuka having an EPIC breakdown when her parents tried to put a stop to her apparent fixation on being Koiwai's housewife. After I read what I'd written, I decided it sucked festering rabid donkey dick, scrapped half of it, and rewrote it as something less grim.

Even rewritten, this story caught a lot of flak; readers frequently interpret this Fuuka as having severe psychological issues and needing extensive psychiatric treatment.

What the fuck ever.

Harry Potter and the Mistress of the Clow

Face it, every Harry Potter fan who writes has, at some point, decided to try to write their own Harry Potter book, and given up less than halfway through.

I'm actually guilty of doing so twice. This was the first, written primarily during the lengthy gap between books four and five..

Originally, this was intended to be a short fluff piece about Harry and Cho getting together over the summer after Book Four. Then it got away from me, as many of my stories are wont to do. I decided I wanted to write a HP/CCS crossover, and then I decided to integrate that into this, and then I integrated yet another idea I had about Dudley doing an exchange program at Hogwarts...the whole thing just spiralled out of control from there.

And I didn't get far past the Welcoming Feast.


Believe it or not, I started writing this a long time before Naruto being Yondaime's son was official canon.

Not like there's anybody who didn't see it coming.

I don't really have a whole lot to say about this one, so I'll just take a minute here to rant about something that has always bugged me:

The way fanfic writers write Hanabi.

People, there is absolutely no canon evidence to support the notion that Hanabi is some kind of snotty, stuck-up little bitch who treats Hinata like worm dirt. I mean, okay, Hanabi has absolutely no personality whatsoever in the actual canon, but putting that aside, where the fuck is this coming from? It's literally the only thing I hate about Team 8 (awesome fic, you should totally read it); I've never seen a Naruto fic in which Hanabi is, you know, normal.

Maybe someday I'll actually write the Hanabi fic I started years ago.

Jumbo & Patience

This is the only Yotsuba&! fic I've ever written that doesn't ship Fuuka with Koiwai.

So naturally, it ships Jumbo with Miura.

Oh, don't look at me like that. It's totally a valid ship, especially if you look at it from the angle this fic takes.

I mean yeah okay it's creepy as hell to think of Jumbo waiting around for Miura to be legal, but have you seen her mom? She's the single hottest character in the entire manga, and Miura looks just like her! I mean, this one's a total no-brainer!

Of course, months after I wrote this, Chapter 81 of the manga came along and wrecked it, but...oh well.

Let's Be Evil!

The idea for this just hit me out of nowhere.

The order in which the ponies took their turn being evil was decided by popular vote over on, making this the first story I ever posted in its entirety on another website before even hinting at its existence on my own.

As an aside, I am seeking musicians, vocalists, and animators to create an animated music video version of the zombie dance battle finale. E-mail me if you're interested!

Mare Wars

Had to be done.

I don't know if I'm doing the prequels or not.

EXCLUSIVE SPOILER: Applejack is Lando, Pinkie is Yoda, and Fluttershy is the Emperor.

Midori no Hikari

I'm honestly not sure where the hell the idea for this one came from, but it kind of works. Maybe some day I'll even continue it.

EXCLUSIVE SPOILER: If you didn't figure it out from the last scene of chapter one, Ran is about to become Star Sapphire...


One day, I watched the first episode of Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, the first episode of Yamibou, and the first six or so episodes of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. I'm pretty sure I was also in the middle of Mai-HiME at the time.

And then I wrote the first chapter of this.

Originally this had a ridiculously long fanboy Japanese title, and I abandoned it halfway through writing the second chapter. Then I slightly retooled the first chapter, finished writing the second chapter, retitled the thing Moonshadow, and it took off from there.

This is another one of those rare stories where I actually have a plan. Granted, a lot of "the plan" sprang into existence ten or even fifteen chapters into the thing, and mini-arcs have appeared which I wasn't originally expecting—the Detective Ami arc and the (current as of this posting) One Week arc in particular sort of just snuck up on me. But the overall plot has pretty much been set in place from early on, with critical details fleshing themselves out in my mind as I go.

The basic idea of this is, of course, to retell the core story of Sailormoon, but to drastically alter the characters from their original personalities and histories. I like to think of this as Sailormoon with Joss Whedon as the executive producer. Okay maybe not. But maybe.

There will be two major story arcs: Moonshadow and Moonsilence. Moonshadow is the Dark Kingdom arc retold; Moonsilence will be the Death Busters arc retold.

There will be no Crystal Tokyo foolishness in this story. And there will absolutely be no motherfucking Chibiuseless.


Moving On

I'm not really sure where the idea for this one came from. Somehow I just felt like writing a Ranma/Kiyone story.

From the Ranma side, this is post-manga. From the Tenchi side, this is kind of a continuity meld of the original OAVs and the first TV series.

The plan here was for Ranma to eventually join the Galaxy Police and partner with Mihoshi and Kiyone, and for the thrust of the story after that to focus on their adventures in space. This one's pretty much permanently dead; I honestly can't see myself ever reviving it.

The Papa Pain Trilogy

I fell in love with Miraculous Ladybug from day one. It was inevitable I'd write Ladybug fanfiction. After a weekend binge in early March 2016--the weekend the two-part "Origins" episode and the critical episode "Jackady" came out--a raging hurricane of story ideas brewed in my mind, which became a trilogy of stories: "Papa Pain", "Overshadow", and "Heartless". This trilogy encapsulates all the things that captivate my imagination about this series: a certain blond bitch getting what's coming to her, the love quadrangle exploding with the inevitable reveal of Ladybug and Chat Noir's identities to one another, and the very real probability (remember, "Jackady" had just aired at this point) that Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth.

I decided to use Tom Dupain as an Akuma in "Papa Pain" because it made sense and it gave me an opportunity to use a really bad bread pun. The villain du jour in "Overshadow" is more of a plot device than anything, to drive forward the reveal of Marinette and Adrien's secrets to each other and give the ship a kick in the ass. Beyond that, I wasn't really sure where this story was going to go.

And then "Jackady" happened. And I knew there had to be a third installment that dealt with things from that episode.

Regardless of how well canon bears out the things I put forth in this story, writing it was a satisfying and exciting experience, and I can't believe my very first ever Miraculous Ladybug fanfic turned into something this massive. O_o;;


Pootaloo. That is all.


This was conceived as an interactive experiment, where readers would vote on the different dates, and popular vote would determine who Ranma ultimately ended up with.

To be honest? I want to continue this. The problem is, I've lost the entire date roster. I can't continue this in its original form without that. :( HOWEVER! I am strongly considering revisiting the concept as a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type story, but the logistics of crafting such a work are staggering, and unfortunately if I go that route there's no possible way I can post it to the site until it's 100% complete.

r.s.t. ULTIMA

This is a spiritual successor to m.t.c.f.f. ULTRA, a project started by Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne, which I wrote several episodes of myself. Basically, in late 2011, I started to really miss ULTRA, and recalled fondly my experiences writing the intricate and elaborate fight sequences ULTRA demands. I wanted to do it again. But I wanted it to be my show all the way, and I wanted to do it with an entirely new assortment of characters.

Hence, ULTIMA was born.

I'd like to apologize for the way this thing stagnated. I got off to a strong start on it...then I got incredibly sick. Like, lying around all day developing bedsores until my apartment smelled so bad the neighbors complained sick. That was kind of the start of a rapid downward spiral for me, health-wise. It took until January 2013 for me to finish writing part 2, when I had initially promised a weekly release schedule. I'm sorry. I really am.

If you don't know who Heisenberg is, you fucking suck.

Scootaloo's Sunrise Surprise

This story sprang from my frustration with the sheer prevalence of "Scootaloo is an orphan" stories. Seriously, that is one of the worst, most annoying memes in the fandom. So, I decided to write a complete and total inversion of that meme.

Shattered Crystal

I wrote this for an Improfanfic Starter Sweeps. It didn't make it in. I never actually intended to do anything with this, so it's just been rotting on my hard drive forever.

Honestly? It's for the best. Because basically the whole idea of this is "it's the Android Saga of DBZ except in Sailormoon". Hell, the enemies ARE the Jinzouningen, just with different names.


The basic concept here is, "What if Shinichi isn't as smart as he thinks he is, and what if everyone important in his life has figured out his secret, and is trying to force him into the open?"


The logic behind this one is pretty obvious: Dash the Stampede.

For the most part, this is going to follow the flow of the Trigun anime, with subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) differences, and some episodes of the Trigun anime will not translate over to Skygun; "Love And Peace" and "Vash the Stampede" in particular will not be remade as Skygun chapters, and after the "Fifth Moon" incident, there will be a mini-arc with Nightmare Moon.

There will be exactly 26 chapters of Skygun.

Lastly: "iles" isn't a typo. It's a unit of measurement used in Trigun.

EXCLUSIVE SPOILER: Fluttershy is Knives.


Normally I'm opposed to the marriage of My Little Pony with gratuitous blood and gore, but when the idea came to me of Big Macintosh stepping into the role of Rick, well...I just couldn't resist. The plot concerning Pa Apple and his insane scheme came much later. This may be the single most disturbing thing I have ever written.

Spring Fling

This story was written as a commission. I also consider it an official part of the Thirty Moons expanded universe. The character of Zile is an original character of the commission client, and will make further appearances in Thirty Moons and Dirty Moons.


Not much to say about this one. I just wanted to see Mirai Trunks interact with the Sailor Senshi, and this is the result. (And yes, I never got around to the actual 'interaction' part...)


This story is a little bit of setup for Silver Spoon's larger role and redemption storyline in Thirty Moons.

Trixie and Spike go down the hooooole!

This story was written on commission for Swashbucklist over on FiMFiction. This is probably the most fun I've had writing a commission to date.


Detective Conan is one of my favorite long-running series. I'm freakishly behind on it right now (not like it matters, Aoyama is NEVER going to end it), but I love all the major, plot-centric developments in the series—any arc involving the Black Organization or Ran coming close to finding out the truth, that sort of thing.

This story was basically inspired by Becky Tailweaver's Coming Home saga. I think when I got the idea for this, I'd just (re)read Coming Home and had been watching the Weather Channel and saw that a huge typhoon heading right for Kanto.

This is the strongest candidate among my various Detective Conan stories to actually get picked back up.

Unmei Sentai Power Rangers

I've been a huge fan of Power Rangers since it first aired on Fox. I've had years where I got bored with it, but it always manages to draw me back in when I least expect it—even moreso for the original Japanese Super Sentai version.

Ever since Time Force, I've wanted to write my own original Super Sentai/Power Rangers series, coming up with my own Rangers, my own mecha, my own enemies, everything. Yet, of course, following the Super Sentai formula to the letter.

USPR is sort of my ultimate geek project, the sort of thing one wants to do but never quite gets around to finishing. Perversely, it's also one of my most intricately planned-out projects. I have copious amounts of notes for this story, including detailed profiles on the Rangers, the enemies, their weapons, the mecha, and everything. I really want to see this one through to the end, even if it takes the rest of my natural life.

No matter when I finish this, I'm confident Super Sentai and Power Rangers will still be around.

EXCLUSIVE SPOILERS: In the spirit of Dekaranger and Magiranger, there's going to be an epic shitload of extra Rangers in this. Well, when I say "epic shitload", I mean three. And really, two. Somewhere around episode 12 or 13, I'll introduce Gamma, who's an evil Ranger, and sort of a Blood Knight—kind of like Juuzou. In episode 17, as is traditional, I'll introduce the Sixth Ranger, Solstice...and several episodes later, I'll introduce the seventh Ranger, Equinox. About three or four episodes after Equinox is introduced, I'll reveal that Solstice and Equinox are actually one and the same—because of the nature of his power source, he designed two Ranger forms; in daylight hours, he's Solstice, and in darkness hours, he's Equinox. He has two entirely different sets of weapons and two different mecha, which will of course combine both with each other and with the original gattai robo to form a chougattai.
(Incidentally, Akared will make two cameos in this—first at the end of episode three, and then in the epilogue of the final episode, to "tag in" my second original sentai team, Hagane Sentai Steelranger.)

Virus Buster Ranma

A very long time ago, I started working on a Ranma/Megaman crossover, Rockman One Half. I abandoned it before I ever really went anywhere with it, but to this day I still have people who want to see more of it.

I dug it out recently and reread it, and was absolutely disgusted. It was horrible beyond words. However, I started to think about ways I could improve the concept and execute a rewrite.

In the years since I wrote Rockman One Half, my interest in the Rockman franchise has migrated from the classic and X series games to the Battle Network spinoffs. Approaching the crossover concept from that angle, an entirely new web of ideas began to take shape, and I decided it'd be worth taking the time to at least give it a fair and proper treatment.

The trick here is we're not in the familiar Ranmaverse anymore. This is the cast of Ranma characters transplanted into an extrapolation of the Battle Network Rockman.EXE universe. As such, the focus has shifted from martial arts to NetBattling, and things aren't going to look quite like what you may be used to. But then, that's the whole point of doing this kind of thing!

For those of you who can't quite mentally match things up: Ranma's based on Rockman.EXE when he's male, and Roll.EXE when he's female, Ryouga is based on Forte in human form and Gospel in pig form, Akane's Navi Cherry is based on Kasugano Sakura from Street Fighter Alpha, Kasumi's Navi Bell is based on Belldandy from Aa! Megami-sama!, and Nabiki's Navi YenMan is based on Yaito's Navi Glyde.

Yotsuba & Boobs

This is just a silly little fluff piece. As usual, I couldn't resist shipping Fuuka with's just habit.

Yotsuba & Matchmaking

Yes, yes, ANOTHER Fuuka x Koiwai shipping fic, this time with Yotsuba being the one trying to set them up. Even though it's another shipping fic, I consider it distanced from the Trinity, simply because...hmm...I dunno why, really.

This one may not be complete yet. I know it says complete on the works page, but...I feel like I need to do more with this. Yeah. Maybe someday.

Yotsuba & Mommy

This was my very first ever Yotsuba&! fanfic. It's the first of the Trinity, and a lot of people resist the logic of the plot. Can't please everyone, all that good stuff.

Why do I want to ship Koiwai and Fuuka so badly? I have no idea. I just really feel like they're a perfect match for each other—have felt so ever since very early in the manga, the chapter which introduced Pants Man, and where the two of them just stood watching Yotsuba splash around in the rain. Right then, I just knew they had to be together. And Azuma certainly keeps teasing the hell out of it himself, especially in the Electronics Store chapter...but I digress.

I can also totally see Koiwai pulling exactly this stunt, because it's the most logical thing for him to do given his situation.


You know, there really aren't enough fanworks that ship Naruto and Tenten. Understandable, since she just barely exists at all, but...I really like Tenten. And she's REALLY cute. And I don't like to see her shipped with Neji because he's a dick. So...yeah.

So why did I decide to write Tenten x Naruto porn? Well, I wanted to write a NaruTen ship fic, and at the same time I really felt like writing porn at the time. So...this came out.

There may, one day, be a sequel to this. It just depends.

Hot For Sister

The entire reason this story exists boils down to four things:

Following this story's expulsion from, I have altered it to be more explicitly based on Mauroz's comic.

Koiwai & The Bunny

Really, me writing hentai of Koiwai and Fuuka was inevitable.

I'm not entirely sure what inspired this particular story. I guess maybe I just pictured Fuuka in a bunny outfit, and my muse took over from there. I dunno.

...I write lots of blowjob porn.

Lyra, Bon-Bon, and Shampoo

Written after I had a very weird dream.

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