(11/28) The MLP works page is hilariously, ridiculously out of date. I'll get around to fixing it soon. In the meantime, have a brand new Miraculous Ladybug story.

(11/15) I apologize for being lax in updating this site.

Those of you following me elsewhere already know I've updated a few stories recently and am far from inactive. I'm usually on the ball with updating the index here, but I'm having FTP issues on a sporadic, random basis which have, unfortunately, led to me just forgetting to even bother with this part of my process.

If you are still tracking my activity primarily from here, God bless you, and I'll do better to keep this more up-to-date.

(10/28) Posted a new story over on FiMF; I'll index it over here with the next update.

(10/17) I forgot to mention my new Miraculous Ladybug story Scatterbug the other day. It's updated today, so there's three chapters to read so far.

(10/11) New story: Sunset Knight, an Equestria Girls/Knight Rider crossover. No, seriously.

(9/29) I'm back from an extended absence from writing and site updates. For those not following me on FiMF or Twitter, the short version is my apartment flooded during Harvey, then I went back after we cleaned it up, then the management decided to boot everyone out so they could repair and remodel the entire complex, so now I'm living at my aunt's house for the next several months.

(7/28) New story! Flurry the Furry & the Rainbow Generation!

(7/14) In celebration of Bastille Day, here's a new one-shot Miraculous Ladybug story.

(Yeah, okay, so the Bastille Day thing is a coincidence. :P)

(6/17) A sequel to The Equestria Club has begun.

(6/10) New story: La Rariachi.

(5/20) In case you're not following me on Twitter or on FiMF and don't know, my 14-year-old chihuahua Tater died this week. I'm trying to work through the grief, but it has affected me deeply, and I might not be as prolific for a while.

(5/13) The Equestria Club has been concluded.

(3/22) A new 18+ erotic story, Oversharing, has been posted. This is an expansion of the chapter of Just Girls Talking Dirty of the same name.

(2/28) New story: Photogenesis, a Miraculous Ladybug story.

(2/26) New story: Scattered, a sequel to Cracks.

(1/26) Canterlot Cooking Calamity! is now complete.

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