(11/13) Oops! I'm Equine Again updated.

(11/10) Oops! I'm Equine Again updated.

(11/4) Comes a Crossover updated.

(10/29) Long overdue updates to the Works section have been completed. Check the Works/MLP page for recent story updates.

(10/23) There have been several story updates over on FiMFiction lately. I'll update the Works page over here on my site once some things die down and I can get it all sorted out. I apologize for the sloppy maintenance!

(10/8) Two new chapters of Comes a Crossover have been posted to FiMF. The delay on Persona EG is ongoing, but it will resume updates before the end of this month. Honest this time!

(9/18) New one-shot story: Cracks. Also, later this week, Persona EG will finally resume.

(9/10) Sonata the Drama has been updated!

(9/9) The final chapter of (Mis)taken Identity has been posted.

(9/7) New adult story:Stop! Hammock Time?

(9/4) Two new chapters of Oops! I'm Equine Again over on FiMF.

(8/31) New adult story up on FiMF: Trouble Bubbles, which features the most unconventional pairing I've ever written!

(8/13) I have a new Miraculous Ladybug fic up over on Fanfiction.net and a new chapter of Coin Flip as well. I think I updated something on FiMF last week but I honestly can't remember right now...

In any case, "Black Widow" won't go up on this site until I have at least two of the four planned endings written, which may take a week or two. If you want to read part one, you'll have to go over to FF.net to read it.

(8/6) Long overdue updates:

Works page updated to reflect recent story updates.

New story: Sunset Vs.

Persona EG is on soft hiatus for a while because my collaborator is having life issues and I'm having writer's block.

(7/21) I hadn't thought it would even need to be said here on my website, since I usually only run into this problem on FiMF, but it's becoming a problem here lately too.

Folks...don't e-mail me to ask when a story is going to be update. Writing fanfiction is a hobby, and one of many. As I've said repeatedly in my FiMF blogs, right now I'm putting writing lower on my list of priorities behind gaming and anime. Between the 18 summer anime series I'm following, the video games I'm playing, and real life stuff, I just haven't made a lot of time for writing lately.

The answer to "When is this going to update?" is always, ALWAYS "when I get around to it". I don't have an "update schedule".

My FiMFiction userpage and blog always, always has the most up-to-date information on my writing status. So instead of e-mailing me to ask when a story is going to update, just look there. ^_^

(7/2) Comes a Crossover updated.

(6/27) Persona EG has updated. Comes a Crossover has also updated.

(6/26) Comes a Crossover, The Equestria Club, and Just Girls Talking have all updated within the past week.

(6/19) Comes a Crossover is a new thing over on FiMF. Also, Pony Postscripts and Pony Fails were updated yesterday.

(6/10) Cheer Princess has been updated. Persona EG's hiatus has been extended to the end of the month.

(6/6) New story: The Equestria Club.

Persona EG is on hiatus until June 20.

(5/21) Persona EG has been updated, and will now be on hiatus until early June, as will most of my stories. I'm taking a short break from writing to focus on other things and release some pent-up stress.

(5/14) Cheer Princess has been updated.

Updates on Persona EG will resume sometime next week. I've been taking a little time off from that due to a combination of allergies and giving my collaborator more time to work on art for the final chapters (we're a ways off from that yet, folks.)

(5/8) Cheer Princess has been updated.

(5/7) The Works page has been split into subsections.

(5/5) I have a new story over on FiMF: Cheer Princess, an AU Equestria Girls fic that seems to be catching on a bit. Check it out!

Also, in coming days/weeks, I'm going to be overhauling the Works page, dividing it into sections by series and stuff. It's just kind of gotten out of control.

(5/2) A Little Chat has been updated.

(4/22) A new Ladybug fic I've been sitting on for a while: Thermopylae.

(4/13) Persona EG is back on schedule, and the LTE version and FiMF version are back in sync with each other.

(4/7) Do you want some new Ladybug? Of course you want some new Ladybug! Why don't we have A Little Chat...

(4/6) Persona EG has updated on FiMFiction. The LTE version will be updated tomorrow or Friday.

(4/3) Disastrous is updated!

(3/29) Disastrous is updated!

(3/28) It has begun: the sequel to the "Papa Pain" trilogy, Disastrous!

(3/25) An epilogue has been added to Failed A Spots Check due to popular demand on Fanfiction.net.

(3/24) A new Miraculous Ladybug short has been added to the Short Stories Collection.

(3/23) New Miraculous Ladybug story posted: Failed A Spots Check.

(3/21) The final chapter of How to Crush your Crush has been posted.

(3/20) How to Crush your Crush is updated!

(3/19) How to Crush your Crush is updated!

Also, I announced this on FiMF but forgot to announce it here: all my My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic/Equestria Girls stories are on temporary hiatus until April. This includes Persona EG. I'm taking a little break from horsewords to write bugwords is all.

(3/17) And now for something completely different: Miraculous Ladybagel! Because it was time I returned to my comedy roots.

(3/17) A new "Confess Cute" Miraculous Ladybug one-shot: PiƱa Colada! Crack is less addictive than these stories!

(3/16) How to Crush your Crush won the poll and will be continued! Chapter two is already up!

(3/13) Yet ANOTHER Miraculous Ladybug one-shot: How to Crush your Crush. It's samey, but differenty!

Speaking of my similar one-shots: I'm running a poll on my Fanfiction.net profile. One of the three one-shots I've posted in the last two days will be continued, fleshed out into a longer story. Which one gets continued and expanded depends entirely on my readers. If you're interested, go vote!

(3/13) Two in the same day?! A Lazy Saturday Afternoon, yet another fluffy Miraculous Ladybug one-shot. Enjoy!

(3/13) The Ladybug madness continues with a fluffy little one-shot, Follow Your Heart. Pure unadulterated shipping fic, enjoy!

(3/12) The final installment in my Miraculous Ladybug trilogy, Heartless, has been published.

(3/11) The second part of my Miraculous Ladybug trilogy, Overshadow, has been published. The third part will go up sometime in the next 3-5 days.

Persona EG updates will resume once I've finished this trilogy.

(3/8) I'm proud to present my very first Miraculous Ladybug fic, Papa Pain! I hope you enjoy it! It's intended to be read as a complete standalone story, but there is a sequel on the way... ^_-

(3/3) Oops! I'm Equine Again is updated. Persona EG is on a short hiatus due to personal stress and issues with getting in the zone to write it.

(2/28) sPxHoLEic was updated a few days ago; additionally, I have a new short story, Sunset Shimmer Has Crabs! which went up earlier in the week. Lastly, Harmony League of Equestria has been updated.

(2/20) After careful consideration, I've decided to set up a Patreon. This is just a tipping jar. I won't be selling any unique, patron-exclusive content. At least, not yet. I might release original works through Patreon at a later date.

(2/17) I've FINALLY gotten around to updating the Works page with stories I completely forgot to ever mention over here. (Actually getting local copies of these stories up on THIS site is going to take a while longer.) I've also updated the update dates on existing stories I updated on FiMF that I forgot to update on the Works page. Update update update.

For those of you who aren't following me on FiMF and only read my stories here, here's what's new/updated:

Please note that stories listed as "updated" above have not necessarily updated today or even this week. There are stories that updated over a year ago that I forgot to make a note of here on my site. Yeah, I suck. -_- There are a few short stories not included in this update; I'll be adding them to the Short Stories Collection at a later date.

One last thing: Persona EG updates are going to be very sporadic for the next week or so, because I'm trying to nail down work on other things and giving my artist collaborator time to work on the next piece of art.

(2/6) I have to apologize for the long delay between Persona EG chapters. Long story short, I had a really crazy week and just wasn't in the right frame of mind for writing for a while. Anyway, there's an update, and I should be back on schedule starting Tuesday 2/9.

(1/11) I've been massively remiss in updating my stories on this site over the past year or so, and I am dreadfully sorry about that. Between writing and my other hobbies, I just forget sometimes.

At some point over the next month and a half, I'm going to start working to get the stories I have up on FiMF that aren't up here yet posted here. This includes any stories I have failed to add to the Works page. It's going to be a slow process because I do, as I said, have a lot of things going on. Please be patient with me.

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