These are some of the people I've met on my Pokemon journey!


This guy's the most amazing Pokemon Professor in the world, and he lives right next to me in Pallet Town! He gave me a Pokedex and some Pokeballs, and my very first Pokemon!


Gary. Is. Such. A. JERK!

We've lived next door to each other since we were little, and he's always been a total jerk! He has a really bad attitude. I can't believe he's related to someone like Professor Oak!

The professor gave Gary a Pokemon and a Pokedex too. Ever since then, Gary seems determined to show me up at every turn! He really gets on my nerves!


The inventor of the Pokemon Storage System available to all Pokemon Trainers at every Pokemon Center in the entire Kanto region. He's got lots of rare Pokemon and his cottage is full of cool inventions, but he's also a little...strange...


The Gym Leader at the Pewter City Gym. Brock is a pretty cool guy. He looks scary and his rock-type Pokemon are really strong, but it turns out he's the easiest gym leader in Kanto. I got the Boulder Badge and a TM which teaches Rock Tomb from him.


The Gym Leader at the Cerulean City Gym. Misty is cool and cute and an awesome swimmer, and her water-type Pokemon gave me a really hard time! After I defeated her, she gave me the Cascade Badge and a TM which teaches Water Pulse.


The Gym Leader at the Vermilion City Gym. Surge is loud, demeaning, and totally full of himself! I'm glad I spanked his stupid electric-type Pokemon. By beating him, I won the Thunder Badge and a TM that teaches Shock Wave.


The Gym Leader in Celadon City, an elegant girl who loves gardening and grass-type Pokemon. Battling Erika was the toughest challenge I've faced yet! Beating her scored me the Rainbow Badge and a TM for Giga Drain.


On the lowest floor of Team Rocket's hidden underground base in Celadon City, I encountered their scary leader, who has some truly terrifying Pokemon. Team Rocket had stolen the Silph Scope from the Silph Company in Saffron City, and the Boss was keeping it at the base in Celadon! I managed to beat him, and forced him to surrender the Silph Scope, but he disappeared...

I have a feeling I'll be seeing him again.


The Gym Leader in Fuschia City, Koga is a ninja from a long line of ninjas, and while he's a little scary and arrogant, he complimented me when I won, and handed over the Soul Badge and a TM for Toxic.

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