PS3/PS4 Trophy Collection

Last Updated 7/20/2017 1:45am

These are the trophies I've earned in PS3 and PS4 games I've played.

Overall Count

Total Trophies (all games): 144
Current level: 5 (19%)
Bronze: 119
Silver: 22
Gold: 3
Platinum: 0

Match 10
Create a match of ten items.

Match 16
Create a match of 16 or more items.

Elite Gem Wielder
Complete one of the Elite Bejeweled 3 Badges.

Friendly Fire
Detonate a Flame Gem.

Game In Hand
Unlock all 8 game modes in Bejeweled 3.

Lightning Storm
Get a x5 multiplier in a Lightning game.

Relics Revealed
Unlock all 5 Relics in Quest mode.

Skull Crusher
Destroy a skull in Poker mode.

Detonate 2 Star Gems in one move.

Butterfly Guardian
Save 100 butterflies in a Butterflies game.

Cold Feat
Get a x5 multiplier in Ice Storm.

Diamond Miner
Reach a depth of 200m or lower in a Diamond Mine game.

Dragon Slayer
Completed the mission "Best Minion Ever".

First One's Free
Completed the mission "My First Gun".

Friendship Rules
Revived someone from "Fight For Your Life" that is on my friends list.

Not Quite Dead
Reached Level 5.

A Road Less Traveled
Completed the mission "The Road To Sanctuary".

The Nightmares Have Just Begun
Conquer Stage 1.

Birds and the Bees
Breed a pair of fish.

Freak Show
Escape the circus tent.

Mechanical Upgrades
Purchase an upgrade for Steve the Ridepod.

Partners in Time
Recruited a companion to join your party.

Playing with Time
Close a time distortion in a game of Spheda..

Transform Monica into a monster.

Tinkering Away
Create your first invention.

Weapon Synthesis
Synthesize a weapon.

Core Strength
Acquire Steve the Ridepod's Master Grade Core.

Fighting for Fun
Defeat 200 enemies without dying.

Supporting Cast
Recruit all possible companions to join your party.

Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer
Reach photography level eight.

To the Outside World
Complete Chapter One.

Resurrection of the Great Elder
Complete Chapter Two.

The Sage of the Stars
Complete Chapter Three.

Good-Bye Shingala
Complete Chapter Four.

Conflict of the Past and Future
Complete Chapter Five.

When Two Eras Collide...
Complete Chapter Six.

Palace of Flowers
Defeat the Dark Element.

Fulfill 100% of the requirements for every Georama.

On the Edge of Your Seat!
Play Spectator mode.

Say Cheese!
Take a photo in Spectator Mode.

Challenger Approaches
Complete the Basic Tutorial.

Singles Master
Win a Singles match.

Haruka Hustle
Win a match as Haruka.

Score a point off a serve.

Attack Interceptor
Protect 10 Attacks. I will protect you!

Baby's First Ride
Mount a character. Where to?

Bringer of Life
Created a character. I will follow you!

Combo Commando
Perform 100 Combos. Don't even let them think about counterattacking!

The End of the Rainbow
Nullify all Geo Panels on a map. That gives such a great feeling of accomplishment!

Gimme the Loot!
Go to a Bonus Stage.

Group Negotiator
Clear Episode 3.

Little Angel Wrangler
Clear Episode 2.

Netherworld Idol
Clear Episode 4.

The New Disgaea Anime
Watch the opening movie. Please enjoy Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness!

Opportunist Extraordinaire
Perform 100 Support Attacks. I'll give you a hand, so take it!

Plank Walker
Defeat some pirates. Avast, I shall drive ye back!

Raiders of the Lost Chest
Open 100 Treasure Chests. The moment when you open a treasure chest is so exciting!

Stacking the Deck
Make a ten character tower. Being the one at the very top is pretty scary.

Statue Connoisseur
Clear Episode 1.

Team Attack Tactician
Perform 100 Team Attacks. There's not much to fear as long as we're together!

Only Just Beginning
Cleared the prologue!

100% Destruction
Reach 100% destruction rate in any area in God of Destruction mode.

Amateur Photographer
Collect first set of data at a photo location in God of Destruction mode.

Play King of Kaiju mode for the first time.

Finished in 10
Clear King of Kaiju mode in 10 minutes or less.

Fury 10
Reach 10 Fury in God of Destruction mode.

Path of Humanity
Clear Stage 7 in God of Destruction mode.

Recurring Nightmare
Go ashore for the first time in God of Destruction mode.

The Scars of Disaster
Finish the tutorial.

Tower Destroyer
Destroy the TV Tower in the tutorial.

King of Kaiju
Clear King of Kaiju mode for the first time.

A Hero is Born!
Save Pueblucho.

All Cooped Up
Complete the Chicken Herding quest.

My First Power Move
Destroy a Block using Uppercut.

Viva la Resurreccion!
Become a Luchador.

Want us to untie you?
Talk to a Goat.

Why all the long faces?
Enter the world of the dead.

First Win's Always the Greatest
Win 1 battle in Free Battle mode.

Point Hoarder
Earn J-Points in a battle.

Monster Masher
Defeat 250 monsters

Open Sesame!
Open 10 treasure chests

Use 25 plague tiles

Quest King (or Queen!)
Complete 50 quests

Showing Off
Finish a single stage with full health

We Have The Technology
Purchase 30 upgrades

Spell 3 words with no vowels

Critically Acclaimed
Do 100 critical attacks

Rock Star
Earn 120 yellow stars

Walk of Fame
Earn 40 crystal stars

What're Ya Buyin'?
Purchased 50 merchant items in battle.

Born to Spell
Spell 3000 words.

Found Futo
Found Futo.

A For Effort
Completed Tutorial Mode.

Block This!
Performed a 10-hit combo.

License To Kill
Completed Fatality Trainer.

Anchors Aweigh
Awarded for obtaining the Sea Cow.

Boy Scout
Awarded for running 15 different errands.

En Guardian!
Awarded for defeating the Guardian of the Woods and bringing him back to his senses.

Awarded for taming 20 different species.

New Sheriff in Town
Awarded for completing 10 different bounty hunts.

Out Of This World
Awarded for casting Gateway and traveling to another world.

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz
Awarded for alchemizing 10 different items.

Viva the Evolution!
Awarded for managing 10 metamorphoses.

Finished Episode 1
Finished Episode 1.

Damage Over 10,000!
Maximum damage exceeded 10,000.

Hunted 100 MAD!
Defeated 100 enemies.

Succeeded in executing Overkill.

Special Move!
Defeated an enemy using a Special Skill.

Chomped 50 recycling bins over the course of the game.

Unlocked Chapter 2.

Slimy Temple
Collected enough Globe Energy orbs to unlock the Temple of Slime.

Super Pac-Man
Completed an entire level without losing a life.

You know the Midnight Channel?
Tuned in.

Castle of Lust Falls
Complete the Castle Palace.

Museum of Vanity Closes
Complete the Museum Palace.

Bank of Gluttony Goes Bankrupt
Complete the Bank Palace.

Pyramid of Wrath
Complete the Pyramid Palace.

Aggressive Searcher
Obtain 150 items from searchable objects in Palaces.

Beginner Phantom Thieves
Complete 5 requests.

Competent Negotiator
Successfully rescue a hostage from an enemy's threat.

Execution Leading to Rebirth
Perform a Guillotine execution.

I Am Thou
Obtain a Persona through negotiation.

Perfect Combination
Perform 50 All-Out Attacks.

A Phantom Thief's Duty
Obtain a Treasure Demon.

Phantom Thieves Formed
Form the Phantom Thieves.

Precise Insight
Exploit enemy weaknesses 100 times.

Skilled Gunman
Defeat 3 or more enemies at once with a single round of bullets.

The Sneaking One
Ambush the enemy 50 times.

Soul of Rebellion
Obtain the Persona Arsene.

A True Confidant
Max out one Confidant.

Wake-Up Call
Survive the manual override.

Reach level 3.

Beat the ambush.

First Time Cooking
Cooked for the first time. Don't worry about messing up, just keep challenging yourself.

Love Me Tender
Your maximum hit number is 10! Work with your friend and pummel the enemy!

Above Average Joe
Land a Viewtiful Combo.

Gateway to Adventure
Arrived in Grymoire.

Mirage Keeper
Imprismed your first Mirage.

Any Way Up
Cause 69 damage to an enemy Worm.

Name and Fame
Name a team and choose hats, speech-banks, gravestones and victory dances for them.

Prod For Victory
Win a game by using the Prod.

Teacher's Pet
Complete all Tutorials.

Boom Boom
Kill a worm with an exploding physics object.

One For The Money
Start as you mean to go on and complete any single player level.

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