MythrilMoth.net is the primary web home of the written works of Mythril Moth, as well as Mythril Moth's hobby pages, including music game scorecharts, Persona 3 fansite, and (now defunct) Pangya fansite.


Mythril Moth is a 40-year-old writer and hobbyist with a wide array of interests and very little money. In addition to writing and playing video games, Mythril Moth is an avid reader and movie/television/anime buff, who has seen way too many movies and watched way too much television.


The Works page is a repository of writings I've authored since 1997, under various pen names. These are all fan works; I have yet to publish any original work.

Each story featured on this site is indexed on the Works page, sorted alphabetically, and contains a table of relevant information pertaining to the story:

Title:Story Title
Content Rating:
Updated:Last Update/Posting Date

Brief story summary

The cover art thumbnail and story title identify and link to the story. The "Genre" heading identifies the type and style of the work:

The Content Rating is a general guideline to allow the reader to make an informed decision before reading a story:

All Ages

This story is generally appropriate for readers of any age, but may contain crude humor and mild profanity.

14+ (Some objectionable content)

This story may contain any or all of the following:

18+ (Mature content)

This story is likely to contain any or all of the following:

18+ (EXTREMELY mature content!)

This story is extremely sexually explicit and is HIGHLY likely to contain any or all of the following:

Stories with the above content rating are exclusively located in the "Adult Works" box at the base of the Works page, and protected by an advisory clickthrough page.

The "Status" field indicates the following conditions:

The progress meter (located beneath the cover art thumbnail) indicates the current estimated progress on the next installment of the story, or on the entire story for those works which are not separated into installments. (For such stories, instead of an installment number, the percentage of completion will be displayed below the meter instead.)

Please note that the active status of any incomplete story is subject to change at any time. Stories that aren't on hiatus could be placed on hiatus if I decide I'd rather work on something else for a while; stories that are on hiatus could become active again if I suddenly get inspired, and it's not unheard of for me to spontaneously resurrect an abandoned story out of thin air.

Some stories which are abandoned or on hiatus may contain this placard:

If you see this, it means there was supposed to be a scene there but I never got around to writing it.

A number of my works contain non-English words and phrases; the first instance of any such word in a story will link to its corresponding entry on my glossary page, and will open the glossary page in a new tab/window.


The Junk page is a repository of incomplete fragments of stories, spamfics, and so forth. The same rules that apply to the Works page apply to the Junk page, except there will be no status bar, and the "Status" field will contain values unique to the Junk page: "Spamfic", "Fragment", and "Teaser". A "Spamfic" is a short, silly story that was written quickly and is too short and silly to bother putting on the "Works" page. A "Fragment" is a chunk of a story which isn't complete enough to stand on its own as a "Work". A "Teaser" is basically the same thing as a "Fragment", except that I have a greater intent to follow through with the story. Additionally, the "Junk" works will be displayed ON the junk page, rather than separately from the junk index.

Just as anything marked "Abandoned" or "Hiatus" on the Works page may change status at any given time, there is always the possibility that something on the Junk page will jump to the Works page.

Lastly: Missing scenes in Junk works will NOT be marked as they are in main Works, nor will there be glossary linking.


The Gaming page is a tribute to one of my greatest passions in life, and contains a list of the games I've beaten throughout my life, as well as special subsites (playblogs and screencap galleries) for specific games, as well as my comprehensive scorecharts for all the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games I own.


The playblogs are not intended to be comprehensive playguides, or even playguides in any general sense!!

My playblogs are essentially very elaborate, detail-oriented Let's Plays of various games, with everything narrated and explained from the POV of the player character. There will be missing things. There will be clear indicators that I'm far from a perfect gamer. In the cases of some games, these playblogs are for my very first time through the game (the Persona playblogs in particular). These are mainly for entertainment, not informational, purposes.

The images and fanworks on this site are derived from intellectual property belonging to various artists and corporate entities in Japan, North America, and the United Kingdom and are used without permission. No profit or claim of ownership is intended or received from these works; they are merely the appreciative and humble musings of a writer too crappy to come up with his own stuff. Any non-derivative works on this site are copyright 1997-2018 Mythril Moth. Do not reuse or hotlink content on this site without direct permission from the site owner.