I'm an avid gamer. Have been since I was old enough to wiggle a joystick. Since games are such an important part of my life, I wanted to devote part of my website to my favorite hobby besides writing.

I mostly play RPGs, rhythm games, and puzzle games; I also play a handful of fighting games from time to time, classic arcade games, old-school action games, and the occasional game that doesn't really fit into any specific category (such as Katamari Damacy). I don't play shooters very often, I almost never play FPSes, and I'm not fond of driving games or sports games (Pangya is the only noteworthy exception to this). I would not go so far as to say I'm an expert or master gamer, just an avid one.

Throughout my life, I've owned a ridiculous number of video game systems...

Right now I have a PSP, a PS2, a PS3, a PS4, a Wii, and a 2DS. I'm keeping an eye on the upcoming Nintendo Switch. I have no use for an XBox anything. I could always use new games though! If you'd like to help out with that, e-mail me. ^_^

Anyway, below you will find an assortment of sub-pages related to various games I've enjoyed playing. Expect a fair number of these sub-pages to be added over time; I love doing playblogs and screencap galleries.

The trophies I've earned in Playstation 3|4 games I've played.
My complete personal records on all the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games and DLC I own.
I developed my own rules for Solitaire Scrabble in 2012. Here, you will find the rules for Solitaire Scrabble, as well as examples of games I've played.
A tribute site for my favorite MMO, Pangya, with character and course info, screenshot galleries, and videos.
(With Pangya Global closing on 12/12/2016, this section will no longer be updated.)
My Persona 3 FES playblog, with stats and compendium.

My Persona 4 playblog, with stats and compendium.

My game clear party members and stats for FFTA, plus general information about the game and the job system.
A Pokemon Fire Red playblog, presented as the diary of a young girl.
A gallery of SSBB screencaps.

(Does not include puzzle, fighting, or rhythm games)

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