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(6/25) Photogenesis has been updated.

(6/22) Turkey Bacon Club updated.

(6/21) Comes a Crossover has been updated.

(6/18) Turkey Bacon Club updated.

(6/17) Sonata the Drama has been updated. Also, a sequel to The Equestria Club has begun.

(6/15) Comes a Crossover has been updated.

(6/10) New story: La Rariachi.

(6/8) Trinity has been updated.

(6/6) Cheer Princess has been updated.

(6/2) A Flash of Regret has been updated. It actually updated on 5/29 as well, but I forgot to post an update notice here. My apologies.

(5/20) Trinity has been updated.

In case you're not following me on Twitter or on FiMF and don't know, my 14-year-old chihuahua Tater died this week. I'm trying to work through the grief, but it has affected me deeply, and I might not be as prolific for a while.

(5/13) The Equestria Club has been concluded.

(5/9) Comes a Crossover and Pony Postscripts have been updated.

(5/6) Cheer Princess and Family Planning Center have been updated. (FPC hasn't been updated here on-site yet and probably won't for a bit, sorry.)

(5/1) Cheer Princess and Sonata the Drama have been updated.

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