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(8/6) I keep forgetting to update this.

At this point, this site is very much a vanity plate and I'm aware of that. I'm spending a not inconsiderable amount of money to keep it active and the only thing I'm using it for is FTP space to host images. And it's worth the cost for that alone, given the problems "free" image hosting has these days. But I don't really keep this site updated like I used to, and that's basically laziness on my part.

The MLP fanfic page has been brought up to date. I'll be updating the Adult Works page later. Sometime soon, I need to overhaul the gaming page completely. Also, I have a plan to publish an archive of my Out of Context Screenshot Theater blog posts here, but it's a very time-consuming project as there are nearly 1200 such blog posts at this time and a new one goes live every day.

(5/29) If by some chance this site is the only place you're following me at all:

Rest assured, I'm still alive.

After moving back into my apartment, it took me a while to rest and decompress. After that, I...sort of burned out on writing. I've only started writing again in the past week after almost two months of hiatus.

I have some updates to make to this site in the coming weeks. In the meantime, be sure to head over to YouTube and search for my channel there ("mythrilmoth") to see the gaming vlogs I've been posting lately. Where I haven't been active in writing, I've been overactive in vlogging.

(3/27) A bunch of stories updated this month but I've been dealing with real-life drama and I've just flat out forgotten about updating the site. Getting a due payment notice on my hosting actually reminded me. Derp. I'm...kind of still settling back into my apartment and all hell is breaking loose here, so I'll deal with a proper update to the site later.

(3/2) Recently updated: Equestria Girls Xenoverse, Comes a Crossover, and A Flash of Regret.

(2/16) Comes a Crossover updated three times this week. Additionally, I've begun doing video game Let's Plays on YouTube. More on that later.

(2/7) Equestria Girls Xenoverse and Just Girls Talking updated.

(1/21) Equestria Girls Xenoverse updated.

(1/17) New story: Equestria Girls Xenoverse.

(1/13/18) Oops! I'm Equine Again and Sonata the Drama have been updated.

(1/1/18) Happy New Year. Here's hoping 2018 is a damn sight better than 2018.

I've updated all the Works indices that haven't been updated in a while.

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